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LePage’s new education commissioner supports teaching creationism in public schools

Over the course of his tenure as Maine’s governor, the LePage administration has earned a reputation for cronyism by appointing friends and family members to high-ranking positions. So it should come as no surprise that the governor’s appointee for Maine’s acting education commissioner is someone who he has close ties with. Bill Beardsley, who will replace […]

Should Maine follow Gloucester, Massachusetts’ lead on addiction treatment?

In June, Gloucester, Massachusetts police chief Leonard Campanello made a bold move by announcing that his officers would no longer arrest drug users seeking help. Instead, the new game plan is to send addicts to treatment, and help pay for the costs. According to Upworthy, who coupled with MSNBC to make the below video, Campanello said […]

What a circus the governor’s race has become

Monday night’s gubernatorial debate, hosted by CBS 13 and this newspaper, was almost unwatchable. The rhetoric lacked so much in substance, and was dominated by one-liners and jabs by the opponents. To make matters worse, there were large swaths of supporters for each candidate in the crowd cheering and clapping loudly in a battle of oneupmanship […]

With nomination of Susan Dench, LePage cronyism continues

To nobody’s surprise, Governor LePage’s nominations to the University of Maine board of trustees have drawn criticism. Of his three nominations, the one who has immediately grabbed headlines is former BDN blogger, Susan Dench. Dench, from Falmouth, , leads the Informed Women’s Network, a conservative advocacy group with chapters around the country. Following LePage’s nominations, […]

What I learned working for the Maine People’s Alliance

In the past couple of weeks, various characters from Maine’s right-wing crazy brigade have made it their mission to destroy the reputation of the Maine People’s Alliance and have even gone as far as calling for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud to “denounce” the grassroots, liberal organization. On May 7, the Maine Republican Party put […]