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State Rep. Lawrence Lockman posts hateful, xenophobic rant on Facebook

Maine State Rep. Lawrence Lockman of Amherst has a documented history of bigotry, racism, and outright awfulness. Still in his first term, he has established a reputation as one of the more radical Republicans in Augusta, and is known as a LePage loyalist who openly advocates for all things outlandishly conservative. Yesterday morning was no different […]

Maine Rep. Lockman calls colleague “Ayatollah of Eagle Lake” in online rant

On Thursday, Maine State Rep. Lawrence Lockman, a Republican from Amherst, posted a lengthy diatribe on his official Facebook page. In the post Lockman derogatorily refers to fellow State Rep. John Martin, a Democrat from Eagle Lake, as “the Ayatollah of Eagle Lake,” blames former Maine Gov. John Baldacci and other Democrats for under-funding Maine’s nursing homes, and […]