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Portland woman pens epic post about city’s rental market

It’s no secret that Portland’s rental market is in shambles. With the vacancy rate hovering somewhere between never-gonna-happen and might-as-well-move-to-Westbrook, working class Portlanders are finding it increasingly impossible to find an affordable place to call home in Maine’s largest city. What once was a market where $1000 could cover move in costs of a security […]

Why losing Paul’s grocery hurts us to the core

With our white-hot real estate market, world-class restaurant scene, and worldwide notoriety for all things cultural, one could make the argument that Portland has never been doing better than it is today. Anyone who remembers what Portland looked and felt like just as recently as a couple of decades ago, though, must wonder what our little […]

How Portland’s lobstermen preserve the working waterfront

Stubbornness isn’t typically looked at as a virtuous character trait, but in regards to Portland’s working waterfront, it might be the saving grace for what remains of the local lobstering and fishing industries. As new restaurants continue to open up and luxury condos continue to be built all over the old wharves that this city […]