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Mainers buying tickets to Trump rally just to leave seats empty

Like most Portlanders- and hopefully most Mainers in general- I was repulsed by the idea of yet another campaign visit from Republican presidential candidate and orange-faced monster, Donald Trump, to our fair city. In what appears to be a growing movement, though, Mainers from the Greater Portland area are buying up tickets to the rally […]

Now Trump’s denigrating Native Americans, too.

So we can tack Native Americans onto the list that includes Hispanic people, Black people, Muslims, refugees and immigrants of all nationalities, women, members of the LGBTQ community, and just about any other minority or marginalized group in which Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has outwardly and boastfully offended. Earlier today, at a news conference […]

Guest post: Looking at Trump supporters from a different lens

Rob Korobkin is a local activist who ran for Portland City Council in 2015. A member of the Maine Green Independent Party, he supports Bernie Sanders for president. Yesterday, with Donald Trump in town, Korobkin made an honest attempt to understand the reasoning for people’s support for the controversial Republican candidate. After attending the anti-Trump […]

Trump re-tweets racist image from Nazi sympathizer

He probably didn’t know where the image originated from, and he probably even thought it was accurate, but the fact is that on Sunday Donald Trump, the Republican front runner for President, re-tweeted a racist, inaccurate meme that originated from a Hitler supporter with a swastika on his Twitter profile: “@SeanSean252: @WayneDupreeShow @Rockprincess818 @CheriJacobus pic.twitter.com/5GUwhhtvyN“ […]

Mexican laborer’s message to Donald Trump immediately goes viral

Despite recent poll results showing a surprising (or troubling) level of support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, “The Donald,” has had a pretty rough go of it since announcing his candidacy just a couple of weeks ago. What isn’t surprising is that Trump, notorious for being pompous and hot-headed, has brought the heat on […]