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Carolina ACC Barnstorming Tour makes a rare stop in Maine tonight

For 36 years top players from the legendary Atlantic Coast Conference’s men’s basketball teams have gotten together in April and traveled around playing local club and high school teams. It’s called the ACC Barnstorming Tour, and it’s featured such players as Michael Jordan, Len Bias, and Tyler Hansbrough. The tour usually sticks to the southeastern […]

Caner-Medley’s Corner- Unruly fans, death threats, and the price of fame

This week on Caner-Medley’s Corner, Nik gives us a chilling first-hand look at what it’s like dealing with unruly fans, which can at times lead to things like death threats. He also talks about what it’s been like living and playing in war-torn countries, an experience that has been particularly unique for him- a 6 […]

Caner-Medley’s Corner- A tough loss softened by a visit from Mom

In this week’s entry for “Caner-Medley’s Corner,” Nik gives us an inside glimpse into the frustration of losing a close game, and he also shows us around Astana. For all the amazing places his career has taken him around the globe, Nik doesn’t get much time to really experience and enjoy the cities that he plays […]

‘Caner-Medley’s Corner’- The long trip back from injury

For the second edition of “Caner-Medley’s Corner,” Nik tells us what it’s like coming back from an injury to a team on which he has taken a leadership role. He also gives us a glimpse into the nervousness and “jitters” that he still gets before playing, even after more than a decade of playing elite level […]

Introducing ‘Caner-Medley’s Corner’- a behind-the-scenes look at a pro season with Maine’s best all-time basketball player

Back in his high school playing days in Portland, Maine, thousands of locals would turn out in the dead of winter and fill a steamy Deering High School gymnasium to see the local prodigy and budding superstar, Nik Caner-Medley, tear up the hardwood in person while they still had the chance. Following high school graduation in 2002- and […]

Portland native living his NBA dream coaching for the Oklahoma City Thunder- “I want to make Maine proud”

As a kid growing up in Portland’s North Deering neighborhood, Josh Longstaff was known for his love of basketball. Back in the 90’s it was a regular sight to see him dribbling down Summit Street on his way to the basketball courts behind Lyman Moore Middle School. Even in the dead of winter he would […]