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Chris is a sixth generation Portlander who loves all things Maine. He has worked with mentally ill and marginalized adults at a Portland non-profit, on a lobster boat in Casco Bay, at several high-end Portland restaurants, and at a local meat packing plant. He also ran for Portland City Council in 2013, wrote a weekly column in the now defunct Portland Daily Sun, and currently writes a weekly column in The Portland Phoenix.

No matter your circumstances, Maine Homeless Veteran’s Alliance is here to help

For as long as I’ve known Roger Goodoak of the Maine Homeless Veteran’s Alliance, I’ve been inspired by his generosity and dedication to helping those less fortunate in the greater Portland area. Portland has a lot of social service agencies that take care of many of the needs of the marginalized people in our community, […]

Why losing Paul’s grocery hurts us to the core

With our white-hot real estate market, world-class restaurant scene, and worldwide notoriety for all things cultural, one could make the argument that Portland has never been doing better than it is today. Anyone who remembers what Portland looked and felt like just as recently as a couple of decades ago, though, must wonder what our little […]

Portland native’s star continues to rise in country music world

For those interested, Portland’s own Kalie Shorr will be performing on Taste of Country, a nationally syndicated country music radio show, at 7 pm tonight (March 14). The show is taped in Nashville, where Kalie lives, but Mainers can catch the show on 103.7 the PEAK. Kalie’s lived in Nashville since 2013, where she’s carved out […]

Guest post: Looking at Trump supporters from a different lens

Rob Korobkin is a local activist who ran for Portland City Council in 2015. A member of the Maine Green Independent Party, he supports Bernie Sanders for president. Yesterday, with Donald Trump in town, Korobkin made an honest attempt to understand the reasoning for people’s support for the controversial Republican candidate. After attending the anti-Trump […]

Tom Brady expected to play at least four more years

New England Patriots quarterback has said he’d like to play until he’s 50. He’s also said that he wants to play, “until I suck.” Based on the future Hall of Famer’s play last season, it doesn’t look like he’ll suck anytime soon. Today, ESPN reports that the 38-year-old quarterback has agreed with the Patriots on […]