Driver takes wrong turn on Baxter Boulevard, gets stuck on walking path

Portland’s streets have a reputation for being confusing, what with all the one-ways and crowded intersections, but on Tuesday this driver made a wrong turn of epic proportions on the Back Cove walking trail that runs alongside Baxter Boulevard and I-295 (click to enlarge):

The photo was taken by Joe Forestell, and posted on the Facebook page for Portland Maine Bicycle Commuting by Forestell’s friend, Kyle Wilson, with the caption, “A friend just sent me this. How do you even?”

With no official report of what exactly happened, the details can be discerned from the comments thread on Wilson’s post.

It appears as though the driver of the car was an elderly man, but it’s not clear how long he was stuck on the path, or how he got his car out of there, or what led to his monumental wrong turn.

Beyond the humor of the spectacle, it’s important to note that this incident could have gone very, very wrong, and that luckily no one was hurt, including the driver.

Still, the image of the car sitting there on the path is one that Portlanders will be chuckling about for years to come.

Chris Shorr

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