Video of hockey ref from South Portland going viral

While it’s probably news to most Mainers that a referee for the National Hockey League lives in South Portland, what’s even more interesting is that he also became an internet star this week.

Wes McCauley. Image from Youtube.

Wes McCauley. Image from Youtube.

Wes McCauley, a native of Ontario transplanted to Maine, has refereed over 600 games in the NHL, including the past three Stanley Cup Finals and the Winter Classic at Gillette Stadium this past January, but until a few days ago he was just another ref flying (or skating) under the radar.

On Monday, while reffing a game pitting the San Jose Sharks against the Los Angeles Kings in San Jose, an apparent goal by the Sharks went under official review.

It was a big moment in the game, with the goal in question amounting to a 4-2 lead for the Sharks, and McCauley sent the crowd into a frenzy with his call:

It’s also caused an immediate and enormous response on the internet, as social media and sports sites have re-posted the unusually emphatic call across the globe, and everyone appears to love McCauley’s theatrics and enthusiasm.

On, for instance, Cameron DaSilva writes, “Please do this every single time, McCauley, and tell your referee friends to do the same.”

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