Weather phenomenon on Sebago Lake causes bizarre “waves of snowballs”

About a month ago, Stone Point Studio of Maine posted an amazing video to their YouTube page of a rare weather phenomenon taking place on Sebago Lake:

The video, which has roughly 183,000 views on the studio’s Facebook page and 17,000 views on their YouTube page, has also been shared widely on news sites around the world, including The Weather Channel, who explained how the phenomenon happens.

According to The Weather Channel, for the ice balls to form the water and air temperatures have to be just right. Wind driven waves roll over tiny bits of ice on the surface of the water, and as this process repeats itself the bits of ice grow into ice balls.

David Allen, the owner of Stone Point Studio who took the video, posted it to the studio’s Facebook page with the caption, “Waves of snowballs. This was one of the most awesome natural events I have ever seen!”

Chris Shorr

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