Seal rides fishermen’s net to escape killer whales

On Tuesday, a Facebook page that I follow posted an amazing video of a seal escaping certain death from killer whales by way of a fishermen’s net.

The Skipper, which is a maritime magazine from Ireland, originally posted the video over a year ago, but reposted it due to “popular demand,” and when I saw it this morning I couldn’t resist sharing:

In Maine, maritime workers see seals regularly, and they can actually be a nuisance to lobstermen because they like to poke their heads into traps on the ocean floor and steal bait for an easy meal.

The problem is so persistent in certain areas of the Maine coast that some lobstermen will cut the wire mesh of their traps to have sharp pieces guarding their entrances in order to keep the seals from poking their heads in.

Note the piece of mesh poking out from the top of the trap's entrance. Photo- Chris Shorr, BDN.

Note the piece of mesh poking out from the top of the trap’s entrance. Photo- Chris Shorr, BDN.

In any case, the above video is pretty incredible.

Chris Shorr

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