Stephen King calls LePage’s racist comments “divine assholery”

Stephen King is obviously best known for his endless stream of iconic written works, but he’s also become quite a popular Twitter star.

The Master of Horror has 1.2 million followers, and he has made a habit of calling out politicians like Gov. LePage and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for the ignorant filth that seems to just fall from their mouths.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage. Photo- Jonathan Ernst, Reuters.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage. Photo- Jonathan Ernst, Reuters.

On Friday, King responded to LePage’s (idiotic) comments about black guys from Connecticut and New York coming to Maine to sell drugs and impregnate white women:

Thanks to LePage, Maine is once again a national punchline, but what’s worse is that now the entire state is being viewed as complicit to his bigotry- particularly due to the fact that we reelected him for a second term in 2014.

As trivial as a Tweet from King may seem, it’s important for famous Mainers like him to take a public stand against our brutish, hateful governor so that the rest of the country will know that LePage does not speak for Maine.

What do you think?

Chris Shorr

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