Trump re-tweets racist image from Nazi sympathizer

He probably didn’t know where the image originated from, and he probably even thought it was accurate, but the fact is that on Sunday Donald Trump, the Republican front runner for President, re-tweeted a racist, inaccurate meme that originated from a Hitler supporter with a swastika on his Twitter profile:

The statistics in the image are totally false, and the source cited- the “Crime Statistics Bureau” in San Francisco- doesn’t even exist.

Here are the accurate statistics, from the FBI:

The saddest thing is, at this point in the race for the GOP’s nomination, Trump tweeting such a racist, ignorant image really doesn’t come as any surprise.

What should be raising eyebrows though -not to mention the hair on the back of your neck- is the fact that the image originated from an apparent neo-Nazi with an affinity for Adolf Hitler:

Check out the bio of the person who originally posted the image:


Notice the modified swastika, the disgusting language used towards liberals, and the line, “we Should have listened to the Austrian chap with the little moustache,” which is a clear reference to Hitler.

This sort of awful nonsense needs to stop, but it won’t until the GOP establishment rises up against it.

Trump, along with the rest of the gaggle of Republican presidential hopefuls (or delusionals), need to be held accountable by their own party for their hurtful and baseless rhetoric.

But they won’t be, which is why the circus that is the Republican primary process will continue to devolve into a fervor that caters to the most hateful, ignorant, racist, and close-minded among us.

It’s time for Republicans to admit, the “Grand Old Party” is no more.

Donald Trump | Reuters

Donald Trump | Reuters

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