State Rep. Lawrence Lockman posts hateful, xenophobic rant on Facebook

Maine State Rep. Lawrence Lockman of Amherst has a documented history of bigotry, racism, and outright awfulness.

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Still in his first term, he has established a reputation as one of the more radical Republicans in Augusta, and is known as a LePage loyalist who openly advocates for all things outlandishly conservative.

Yesterday morning was no different for Lockman, as he endorsed a horribly racist and xenophobic column written by Pat Buchanan.

In Buchanan’s piece, which Lockman shared on his Facebook page, he refers to the current wave of European immigration as an “invasion,” and predicts a nationalist uprising in European nations aimed at turning back the tide of mass migration.

“Great column by Pat Buchanan!” wrote Lockman in his post:

In the column, Buchanan also displays a mind-boggling lack of understanding for either American history or the very subject which he was writing about, asking “Can a civilization survive the replacement of the people who created it by people of other races, religions, and civilizations? Ask the Native Americans.”

Despite the clear ignorance displayed by Buchanan in his article, Lockman wins the “This Guy Has No Clue What He’s Talking About” award with his commentary for the link share.

Apparently still holding a grudge against my fellow BDN blogger Mike Tipping for exposing his disgusting and controversial past, Lockman didn’t just endorse the delusional Buchanan piece, he also made several hate filled and flat-out inaccurate statements about Tipping and Lewiston mayoral candidate Ben Chin- who have worked together at the Maine People’s Alliance– and the Muslim faith.

Mike Tipping. BDN file photo.

Mike Tipping. BDN file photo.

In the rant, Lockman refers to the Maine People’s Alliance as “the Marxist People’s Alliance,” and calls Tipping a “progressive puke” who “seems to be having a love affair with all things Islamic.”

Lockman then doubles down on Chin, calling him “an anti-Christian bigot” who “hates America, hates Americans, and hates Christians.”

(Just about everything Lockman said in the post was absurd, but this part is particularly easy to call B.S. on, because Chin is actually a lay Episcopal preacher who had originally planned to be a pastor, and even led a public prayer a couple of weeks ago in response to racist signs being hung around downtown Lewiston depicting him as Ho Chi Minh):

To top it all off, the Republican- who lives two and a half hours north of Portland- went on the offensive against Maine’s largest city, saying “we need to cut off all state aid to sanctuary cities in Maine. That’s right, Portland.”

While it’d be disturbing to see anyone acting so brazenly bigoted and xenophobic, what makes Lockman’s post- not to mention the long list of past offenses- so upsetting is the fact that he is an elected member of the state legislature, charged with serving and representing the state of Maine.

This sort of behavior is not what Maine should stand for, it’s embarrassing, hurtful, childish, and wrong.

At the very least, Lockman owes Tipping, Chin, and every Mainer of the Muslim faith an apology.

What do you think?

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