Is Anna Kendrick funnier than comedian Bob Marley?

Portland native and Hollywood A-lister Anna Kendrick is known for her incredible acting and singing talents, but when it comes to comedy, Bob Marley is typically regarded as the funniest celebrity to call Maine’s largest city home (the two are also both Deering High School alums).

Kendrick, however, might be making a push for Marley’s claim.

In a recent feature she did for Glamour Magazine called, “Anna Kendrick’s Surprising (and Brilliant) Shower Thoughts,” the 30 year old star has the internet in stitches:

Posted to the Glamour Facebook page on Oct. 16, the video already has over 12 million views, 100 thousand likes, and  130 thousand shares.

With lines like, “using your laptop to research buying a new one is like asking it to dig its own grave,” “when a pregnant woman swims she’s basically a human submarine,” and “I wonder what my dog named me,” coupled with Kendrick’s almost cult-like following, it’s easy to see why the clip is so popular.

Based on the response to the above video, plus her recent run of hit comedy movies including Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, one could even make the argument that she’s become funnier than Marley, who has long been known as “Maine’s King of Comedy.”

What do you think?

Note: If one Bob Marley dares to make a “Shower Thoughts” video of his own, I’ll be sure to post a follow up.

Chris Shorr

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