Is Tom Brady a Donald Trump supporter?

Forget about Deflategate, yesterday morning New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady entered into a conversation that has even some of his most loyal fans questioning their support for him.

Speaking on Boston radio station WEEI, Brady confirmed that he and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are friends. Brady said that Trump has done “amazing things” and that they’ve spent a lot of time golfing together.

Brady was asked about the friendship in reference to this picture of a Trump campaign hat sitting in his locker that surfaced on Twitter last week:

The red hat reads “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,” which is Trump’s campaign slogan.

But when asked if he’ll be voting for Trump, Brady replied, “I don’t know. That’s a good question.”

Brady said the hat was sent from Trump via Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and that they’ve known each other since 2002 when Brady judged a Trump beauty pageant.

Naturally, due to Trump’s polarizing nature, there has been plenty of backlash towards Brady on social media. Personally, I despise what Trump’s candidacy is doing to our democracy and social culture, but my loyalty still lies with number twelve when it comes to football.

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