Mexican laborer’s message to Donald Trump immediately goes viral

Despite recent poll results showing a surprising (or troubling) level of support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, “The Donald,” has had a pretty rough go of it since announcing his candidacy just a couple of weeks ago.

What isn’t surprising is that Trump, notorious for being pompous and hot-headed, has brought the heat on himself by making offensive, outlandish remarks.

Photo- Brendan McDermid, REUTERS.

Photo- Brendan McDermid, REUTERS.

Specifically, Trump’s business partners have been distancing themselves from him en masse after he made absurd claims recently about immigration, calling immigrants migrating to the U.S. “rapists” and “killers.”

In today’s reality of racial, economic, and political tensions, it’s been encouraging to see the public outcry and condemnation following Trump’s ignorant remarks.

It’s good to know that common decency can still override money and power.

But for all the monied interests who have backed away from him in efforts to preserve profits, the response that’s taking the internet by storm is that of an unnamed Mexican laborer.

A video of the man reacting to Trump’s remarks has exploded across the web in recent days.

If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, check it out:

This video was embedded from the YouTube page of Rafael Rivero.

What do you think about Trump’s presidential chances?

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