Canadian man faces charges after riding a moose

On the 20th of June, a video of a man in British Columbia, Canada jumping from a motorboat and riding a female moose was posted on Facebook.

According to online reports, the video was picked up by Wolftracker TV and re-posted on YouTube on June 22, and the original Facebook post was deleted shortly after.

The owners of the YouTube account, Steve and Chris Wolfe, have called the video “disgusting,” and said they don’t know who the men in the video are, but they’re willing to help identify and find them in any way they can.

They’re working with local authorities, and have provided them with screenshots of the names of the people who originally posted the video on Facebook that they took before it was deleted.

Wolftracker TV, via YouTube

Wolftracker TV, via YouTube

The video is believed to have been shot in July of 2014 in the Tuchodi Lakes in Northern Rocky Mountains Provincial Park, but regardless of exactly when or where it happened, Sgt. David Vince of the Fort St. John Conservation Office plans on charging the men once they’re found.

While Sgt. Vince said it might take some time before charges are filed, they’ve narrowed down the search with the help of the general public.

The charge that the men will most likely face is for animal harassment, which violates the B.C. Wildlife Act and carries a potential fine of more than two thousand dollars.

On social media and in online comments sections, it’s about an even split between people who share the Wolfe’s disgust and people who share the feelings of the man in the video who yells, “I’ve never seen something so awesome!”

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