Maine lobstermen get stuck in severe thunderstorm (video and pics)

Two days ago I was talking with Skip and the #toughkid about the time we got stuck in a 70 knot thunderstorm my first summer on the boat.

I was saying how I wished I had been able to get video footage of the storm thrashing us, rather than just these two pictures:


70 knot winds approach.

70 knot winds approach the F/V Foxy Lady near Cushing Island in Casco Bay.

All our machines blacked out, and Skip was forced to put the boat in neutral and hope that we didn't crash into the rocks on Cushing Island.

All our machines blacked out, and Skip was forced to put the boat in neutral and hope that we didn’t crash into the rocks on Cushing Island. Keep in mind we couldn’t see the rocks, because visibility was at about 10 feet.

Well wouldn’t you know it, just a few hours after having the conversation we got nailed with another thunderstorm.

Now I’ve been out with Skip in some pretty rough weather, but other than the 70 knot storm, this one the other day was the worst one we’ve been through on the boat together.

I’d like to think I’m pretty fearless when it comes to most things, but Skip insists that I’m “just fu$%in’ nuts”. Either way, when the storm hit this time I made sure to get plenty of video footage and several pictures too. According to the radio report, winds were between 30 and 40 knots for this one.

Check it out:

In this one I tried to give an idea of how expansive the storm clouds were around us, and the contrast that they had with the clear blue sky above the chaos.

Here I am pointing out various points of reference in the bay. I had to abruptly end the video when lightning struck nearby and run into the wheelhouse.

Filming from the wheelhouse, Skip’s feeling a bit camera shy and the #toughkid expresses his dissatisfaction with the weather.

With the Portland skyline becoming clearer, Skip’s either trying to stay dry or avoid the camera.

Almost back to the dock, we survived another big one.

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