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Mainers buying tickets to Trump rally just to leave seats empty

Like most Portlanders- and hopefully most Mainers in general- I was repulsed by the idea of yet another campaign visit from Republican presidential candidate and orange-faced monster, Donald Trump, to our fair city. In what appears to be a growing movement, though, Mainers from the Greater Portland area are buying up tickets to the rally […]

Support the Portland Police Department? Here’s your chance to show it.

There’s been a lot of criticism surrounding the Portland Police Department lately, but the Maine Homeless Veteran’s Alliance wants to give people a chance to show their support for our boys in blue. Today on the corner of Marginal Way and Forest Avenue- right next to the baseball field at the Deering Oaks Park- the […]

Are you really that mad about a peaceful protest?

“Tear gas them all.” “Black Lives Matter is all about finding excuses to murder cops.” “That whole group is made up of rotten apples. Well, that and whiny asses.” “If you don’t want to get shot by the police, stay out of trouble you idiots!!” These are just a small sampling of responses to last […]