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Does LePage think he’d be a better president than Obama?

For years Mainers have been pulling our hair out¬†over the absurdity, idiocy, and outright delusions that have come from Gov. Paul LePage’s mouth. Now, Iowans can join the club. Stumping for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s presidential bid, LePage showed up at the Iowa caucuses on Monday to give one of his patented “what the […]

Why won’t Gov. LePage’s office talk to Rachel Maddow?

In the past several years, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has skewered Maine Gov. Paul LePage on several occasions for various reasons, as have countless other pundits and journalists. LePage, whose remaining base of support comes from the farthest reaches of Tea Party bat-shittery after years of childish outbursts and boorish bullying, has apparently taken Maddow’s […]

With over 20,000 calling for impeachment, LePage further alienates Legislature

On Tuesday, Gov. Paul LePage said he’ll “probably” skip out on giving this year’s State of the State address to the Maine Legislature in person, and instead deliver his address by letter. The remarks were made during his weekly radio address on WVOM. “I don’t know,” said LePage. “It’s going to be some time but […]

Stephen King calls LePage’s racist comments “divine assholery”

Stephen King is obviously best known for his endless stream of iconic written works, but he’s also become quite a popular Twitter star. The Master of Horror has 1.2 million followers, and he has made a habit of calling out politicians like Gov. LePage and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for the ignorant filth that […]

After threatening EPA, LePage denies making said threat

Maine Gov. Paul LePage held a Town Hall style meeting at the University of Maine at Farmington on Tuesday. The meeting was attended by several dozens of people and saw a man escorted out before the governor even took the stage for calling for his impeachment. LePage spoke for a little over an hour, touching […]