Maine woman blames family’s dry well on Nestle, LePage

On Tuesday a Bridgton native named Liz Johnson made a post on her Facebook page regarding the well on her family’s property.

In the post, she blames the Nestle corporation- which owns Poland Spring- and Maine Gov. Paul LePage for the fact that her family’s well has run dry as Nestle continues to pump thousands of gallons of water every day from the ground in nearby Fryeburg:

Johnson’s post has seen a widespread reaction, with roughly 5 thousand shares as of Thursday night.

In an interview on Thursday, Johnson added these comments:

“There’s a Nestle water pumping station in Hollis, near where I live. My roommate owns the house we live in. We have a well, so we’re very worried about water availability.

Liz Johnson

Liz Johnson

When Fryeburg tried to cap the amount of water being extracted in their town, Nestle successfully sued them. By letting Nestle in, we have opened Pandora’s box. I believe water is a human right. Nestle is threatening our future access to the most precious natural resource we have.”

Chris Shorr

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