Why southern Mainers should quit celebrating the national monument

It’s no secret to Mainers that there is a regional divide between the northern and southern parts of the state. To most Mainers, the term “two Maines” is a familiar phrase- those in the south are generally perceived by those in the north as elitist, arrogant liberals, and those in the north are generally perceived […]

Casco Bay SwimRun- first of its kind in U.S.- helps injured veteran’s foundation

On Sunday, seven islands in Casco Bay played host to the first island to island style SwimRun race in the nation. 121 two-person teams competed, covering four miles of open ocean swimming and ten miles of running over the rugged terrain of the islands. SwimRun is a relatively new sport in which competitors run and swim […]

Mainers buying tickets to Trump rally just to leave seats empty

Like most Portlanders- and hopefully most Mainers in general- I was repulsed by the idea of yet another campaign visit from Republican presidential candidate and orange-faced monster, Donald Trump, to our fair city. In what appears to be a growing movement, though, Mainers from the Greater Portland area are buying up tickets to the rally […]

Windham Police Department shares “mad cow” video

On Thursday the Windham Police Department shared a funny video on their Facebook page showing Officer Ernest MacVane addressing a “possible mad cow situation,” that has people in stitches. The video is picking up steam on social media, drawing reactions such as “That was classic!” “Well played!” and “This video was very mooving.” Check it out: